How Festplate idea was born?

Few years ago we cozily sat down by the hillside at Estonian Song Festival and enjoyed the event. After hunger struck and waiting in line for half an hour I received two meals on traditional round plates. Since I did not have enough hands for a drink, I took it between my teeth and started the journey through a sea of people back to my wife. When I arrived half of the food had fallen from the plate, my shirt was covered in sauce and drink tipped over by a small child right at the finish line. Partly confused and partly laughing I realized

there has to be a new and better solution how to conveniently eat and drink at outdoor events


First ‘masterpieces’ created on our kitchen table.


Timeline to main product

Slide Old newspaper + glue Version 1 Version 2 Toilet paper + glue Version 3 Folium + glue + white paint Version 4 First 4-part 3D
printed model
Version 5 Second 3D
printed model
Version 6 Third and final 3D
printed model