Easy to use at events


Festplate plate is an innovative and ideal solution for easy eating and drinking at outdoor events, especially where tables and other surfaces are missing.


Fesplate enables to eat, drink and move freely at events. Ergonomically designed for hand. For maximum comfort hold the plate so it rests on your wrist.

Always steady in hand

Festplate enables to hold both food and drinking cup with one hand, while leaving other hand free for eating. Cup holder fits most beverage, coffee and beer cups sold on the market.

All on one plate


Suitable with every food


Festplates can be used for all types of foods. Be creative and place the foods just the way you like.

Festplate is a nature friendly plate made out of 100% biodegradable sugarcane.

Environmental friendly and biodegradable


Intellectual property

  • Festplate plate‚Äôs industrial design solution is registered with European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) registration certificate
  • The Estonian Patent Office has issued a UTILITY MODEL certificate.
  • Festplate trademark has been registered across markets worldwide